TC 211 Workshop Seoul 2017

In addition of the four Discussion Sessions on Ground Improvement held in Seoul, the boards of the TC 211 and TC218 have organized a common TC 211-TC218 Workshop on the topic of “MSE Walls and Reinforced Soil Slopes”. Indeed, in the recent past, several Workshops and Short Courses have been organized by the TC 211 on the following GI topics: deep mixing, marine ground improvement, rigid inclusions (in Brussels at the IS-GI 2012), grouting type techniques (in Paris at the ICSMGE 2013) and QA/QC in GI works (in Edinburgh at the ECSMGE 2015). The theme of the present Workshop, co-organized with the new TC218, was this time dedicated to the “MSE Walls and Reinforced Soil Slopes”. The TC 211-TC218 Workshop was full component of the official Conference ICSMGE 2017 and was co-chaired by Noël Huybrechts (chairman of TC211) and John Sankey (chairman of TC218 Reinforced Fill Structures).

The presentations of the Workshop are available hereunder:

ICSMGE 2017 Workshop_Gary Power

ICSMGE 2017 Workshop_Chaido Doulala-Rigby (Yuli)

ICSMGE 2017 Workshop_ Kent von Maubeuge

ICSMGE 2017 Workshop_Yoshi Miyata

ICSMGE 2017 Workshop_Oliver Detert

ICSMGE 2017 Workshop_John Sankey

ICSMGE 2017 Workshop_Giulia Lugli