Terms of Reference for the period 2017-2022

  • Launch of a new TC211 website – the new format of the TC website is available since January 2019: www.tc211.be

  • Abandoning the Newsletters for a more dynamic way of communication (short and more regular)

  • Participate by dedicated workshops in the international conferences inviting TC members to contribute to the knowledge and develop the addressed themes

  • Promote the activities and the links with other organizations or TC’s (in particular the Deep Foundations Institute – DFI, the EFFC, the TC 102 – In situ testing and the new TC218 – Reinforced fills)

  • Introduce a new principal theme for the period:

          “Innovations in design, execution and QA/QC of Ground Improvement works”

  • Organize two main TC211 WORKSHOPS at the ECSMGE Reykjavik 2019 and ICSMGE Sydney 2021 based on the new principal theme “Innovations”

  • Organize the next Louis Ménard Lecture in Sydney 2021

  • The board currently studies the opportunity to organize a new International Symposium IS-GI Brussels