DRAFT – TC 211 Working Document QA/QC of Vibrocompaction

During its last mandatory period 2013-2017, the ISSMGE TC211, the international Technical Committee of the ISSMGE dedicated to Ground Improvement (GI) works, introduced as principal theme for its activities the “Design, Quality Control and Quality Assurance for ground improvement works”. Within the framework of its activities, the ISSMGE TC211 particularly focused on the design and QA/QC of the ground improvement works performed by the vibrocompaction process.

At the demand of several important actors of the market of vibrocompaction works, the board of the TC211 has redacted a Working document on the topic of quality control of vibrocompaction. This Working document is available hereunder.

As the question of post-control of ground treatment by deep vibrations by means of averaged values of the CPT results seems to come back regularly within the framework of the ISSMGE TC211 activities, we have recently decided to create a working group (a task force) which will shortly work on that matter and which will include the big actors of the vibrocompaction market.

Indeed, as a result of the experience gained on big construction sites these last fifteen years and considering the “lessons learned from”, it seems that “standard practices” are currently observed on the market for the control and the acceptance of the vibrocompaction works (see the content of the Table 1 of the Working document). The new TC211 working group will first concentrate on these “standard practices” to analyze their legitimacy/validity in order to control the result of vibrocompaction works. Based on the future discussion inside the task force, it is the purpose to propose a harmonized international consensus for the QA/QC of vibrocompaction works to the practice. This QA/QC methodology will therefore agree with the State-of-the Art of the practice and it will respect the experience of the different actors of the market: customers, designers, general and GI contractors and technical control bureaus.

DRAFT TC211 Working Document “QA/QC of Vibrocompaction works